Waterfalls of Starsby Rosanne Alexander:   http://www.serenbooks.com/productdisplay/waterfalls-stars

Mike Howe  This is a link to my friend, Mike Howe’s website; ‘Mike is a multi instrumentalist composer of music that has been described as "humble, heartfelt and strikingly beautiful". He is also an ecologist. Nature, landscapes and people are the inspiration for his music.'  I am inspired by his music:   http://mikehowe.com/   

Management Planning for Nature Conservation:    http://www.springer.com/environment/environmental+management/book/978-94-007-5115-6

The conservation Management system:  http://www.software4conservation.com/cms-consortium

Honorary lecturer Bangor Universityhttp://www.bangor.ac.uk/senrgy/staff/alexander.php.en

VINE  If you are involved in nature conservation or if you love the natural environment, the VINE website is a place that you should visit. VINE (Values in nature and the environment) is about recognising and sharing inspiration and celebration in nature conservation:      

CMS Management Planning Guide:   http://www.software4conservation.com/Data/Sites/1/manuals/cmsplanningguidecompressed.pdf